About us

Skinler is based out of UAE and expanding the partnership in USA, Turkey and Pakistan. Skinler idea was initially founded in 2020 on a coffee table while talking casually with founder of a successful eCommerce website. The idea came with forming a partnership and using existing services to offer people who want premium tailor made jackets or costumes with affordability, quality and fast delivery. We became fully operational in 2021, offering wide variety of jackets made from real leather, cotton, denim etc. Our mission is to offer jacket and costume people wish for, therefore we offer most desired designs in highest quality as well as an option to receive a custom tailor made order as customer wish.





All our products are at most affordable price and this achieved by stocking the most selling products and most used raw materials. This does not mean compromising on quality.






We take highest quality materials in the market and our production is hands of experienced tailors, stitchers and quality testers. You can be sure of highest quality stitching and materials used.







We deliver worldwide and we use the fastest delivery options like DHL and FEDEX with their expedite services.